There are a lot of nice patterns in this town. :D

I plan on bringing my NA character to this town to get some patterns. ^^;

Anonymous asks: how do we use more than 10 path patterns without it changing?

Unfortunately, if you want to have more tiles than the slots given to you, you must make a new character. The thing with this is that the new character you make must also be on good terms with Able. So, it will take some time to friend Able as your main did. :(

I know, it’s frustrating…

By the way, check our info box for more information on how this works. I think I went into a bit more detail in another question someone asked a few months ago. (Hopefully)

Good luck and have fun!

andshesaidnever-deactivated2014 asks: Hi! Love your blog ❤ it's super awesome and inspiring 😊 Anyway, I was wondering if you have connections with people who is willing to get me a regal wall lamp. I'm willing to pay 10,000 bells or trade furniture (I don't have much so I rather buy it). Please and thanks!

Well, I’m sure someone could help you out from here.

Also, if you want to find a trading community for AC:NL, or are a good start.

See links below:

People on these sites post daily about selling/trading/cataloging items. You should make an account if you want. It’s really helpful sometimes!

We’re BACK!

Hello everyone, it’s been quite some time since we’ve been active on this blog. We are currently working on a profile update as we plan to get into more AC:NL!

Happy late Halloween, and we look forward to even more holiday events in Animal Crossing.

I had no idea this game had this feature.

Apparently, you can get a tan.

Are you ready for a scare?

I’ve been interested in visiting various Dream Towns for some time now.

While these may be known to you, I came across a few “horror” themed towns you may be interested in.

Of course, you have the ever-popular (1) Aika Village: 2600 - 0218 - 7298

2.) “Maneater”: 2600 - 1856 - 4772

3.) 3200-0330-2755 

4.) 2100-0784-7385

If you guys have any more “creepy” towns, or your own town has a similar theme, please feel free to message us!

Lovely day and night in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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Reply with your Dream Town Address!

Would you like people to visit your Dream Town?